Journal for your thoughts.

  • Recipe Journal: This one’s saving space for all your favorite recipes, with spots to jot down ingredients, cooking methods, timings, wine pairings, you name it. There are also handy tabs for appetizers, first courses, main dishes, side dishes, and desserts, so finding Grandma’s top-secret meatball recipe will be a snap. Oh, and in the front? There’s a slew of handy-dandy pages, from seasonal produce calendars to guides for chopping up veg.

  • Wine Journal: Fan of Pinot, Merlot, and everything in between? Look no further than this gem. It’ll remember all the bottles you’ve had the pleasure of sampling, with spaces for grape variety, region, taste, serving temperature, even preferred food pairings. It’s keeping your running list organized, too, since there are sections for sparkling sips, whites, rosés, reds, fortified and sweet wines, and spirits. Flip to the front, and you’ve got a treasure trove of tips on honing your sommelier skills.

  • Wellness Journal: For the person who’s on a lifestyle journey, look to this book. It’s got four sections to keep those goals organized: one for personal aspirations, one for exercising, one for nutrition, plus one for health and care. It’s got calendars tucked in between, too, so you can follow your progress along the way. Head to the front pages anytime you need a little inspiration—they’re chock full of food tips, fitness facts, and fun exercises to try.

  • Traveler’s Journal: Aka, the sidekick you’ll wanna take on all life’s adventures. It’s quite the seasoned traveler, with room to record 20 short trips, six long trips, plus dreams of trips past and future. You’ll find plenty of space for all your checklists and must-see recommendations. And when you get back? Go on and tuck those photos, tickets, and receipts inside. Take a peek at the front as you plan your next getaway—it’s got lots of tips and tools to set you up for sightseeing success.